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The ultimate DIVA wish:


by educating women and giving them Lifes Blueprints, so future generations
believe in themselves and have the choices many of us thought impossible.



Lipstick strategies has been

designed to suit every stage of a

Woman's Life at every stage

Not a Networking or Motivational Treadmill!

Lipstick Strategies is about educating women to protect themselves in all aspects of their lives, from physical to financial.

It aims to achieve this goal through seminars, workshops, online training, mentoring and through the provision of personal services. With profits utilized for a social enterprise that will provide education and support for women and children from diverse environments.

Our primary objective is to empower females by re-wiring their mindset and teaching you to be truly independent and not reliant upon anyone else, to advance their careers, lives & self-worth. We intend to help women strip off the makeup, cleanse past experiences and habitual patterns, before helping them reapply the correct foundation, as they prepare their own unique style,

Women are emotional creatures, which is why so many very intelligent ladies still fall victim to the abusive and unconscionable conduct of others, albeit personal or professional.

We help you understand the many issues we face as women that aren't so obvious at times, and the options available. Understanding what you think you know and implementing what you never knew .

Physical &


Lipstick Business Kit

Provides a Business Make Up Bag that guides you through setting up a business and protecting your foundation from the very beginning to the very end. Giving valuable solutions for every occasion!

Work Shops

The Program is dedicated to inform you of the fine print we ignore and many do not read out, it will help you understand what you need to prepare so that you always have an identity in every situation.

We all have that inner DIVA

Activate it and no one can stop you

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